Where Have I Been?



I have been very busy… but not with writing, sadly. I have been working at a job I love at an Elementary school where I am a Primary Reading Teacher. I have found my calling, I believe. I am in Graduate school for Library and Information Studies. On top of taking the max amount of classes I can in Grad school, I am working my job and then going to my internship every morning and evening. I am running ¬†myself to the dirt. I cannot wait for summer because that means I can FINALLY WORK on Tomorrow Never Came. I reread my story in Becoming the other day, and I cannot wait to write more about Liz and Riley. They are my favorite characters and while I read my short story in Becoming, I came up with a new idea for a book. It will be very special to me.


Happy Reading,




Currently Reading: The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher


Maybe Now: Colleen Hoover (this is the sequel to Maybe Someday on Wattpad)


The Devil’s Metal: Karina Halle



(Reading all three of my favorite authors this week.)

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