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What am I up to?: Currently I am writing a novel inspired from my short story, “Until Tomorrow,” from the short story anthology with my book company Patchwork Press, Becoming. The novel was renamed as “Tomorrow Never Came.” It continues/ rewrites the story of Riley and Liz.



People often ask me what inspires me. The answer is simple: music. I always get inspired to continue a story from music. The song I keep listening to as I write Tomorrow Never Came is “Sleep,” by Royal Blood. They’re one of my favorite bands. I knew the song by heart already, but it came on one day as I was writing and it made sense

for my story… now I can’t stop listening to it while I write. Here’s the song if you want to hear.

Sleep- Royal Blood


Tomorrow Never Came gets a cover reveal day!!! DECEMBER 28!!! Stay turned. This may be my favorite book I’ve ever wrote and my favorite cover too.

I am also writing a mystery. I have decided to call it “Into the Storm.” I have been more focused on Tomorrow Never Came, but when I struggle with it, I run back to my mystery novel. There is a working synopsis for it.

Into the Storm synopsis:

Anna had everything. She was wife to a wonderful man, planning her whole life ahead of her. Then it was all taken from her when she was murdered in the forest behind her house.

Her husband was destroyed by it, but when Jesamine moves into town a year later, she throws him for a loop, and before he knows it, he finds himself falling hard for a new woman. Three months go by, and he is married to his new charming wife. Slowly she begins to morph into something he wasn’t prepared for.

The storm rages on.

Stay Tuned……



Happy Reading!!

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