It all started with an idea. That sprouted while watching a movie. That rooted in her mind. That finally she wrote down in two weeks. Until she typed it for herself and finally for others.

I’m pretty much you’re average everyday girl. I work as the hostess and cashier at the restaurant around the corner. I eat Lucky Charms in my pajamas on Saturdays. I read every day while bad crime TV shows blare in the living room. I write every day (almost, promise).

I started writing because I wasn’t satisfied with just being the reader anymore. I wanted to tell my own stories. Within two years, I became a self-published author. Born and raised in North Carolina. I haven’t traveled further than New York. I spend most of my time reading, writing (sorta), knitting, watching the same movies over and over again and shopping online for penny books. I am the author of the Antidote trilogy. I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in English in 2017. I obtained a Masters of Library and Information Studies in 2019 and work as a Media Specialist at an Elementary School. Loud Magic is my sixth book, and I am currently working on her seventh book in her free time. I live with my fiancé in North Carolina. 

Some things I love: Harry Potter, snow, books, writing, cereal, 90’s cartoons, Outlander, making lists, COFFEE, pillows, stuffed animals, Jamie Fraser, online shopping, elephants, cinnamon anything, tote bags, my family, baking, knitting, Sex and the City, learning new things, Kaidan Rowe, stickers, Game of Thrones, movie theaters, Jennifer L. Armentrout books, popcorn, candy, musicals, cold weathers, October, Winter and taking walks.

Here is my adorable Miniature Schnauzer, who loves to take naps and is terrified of car rides (RIP 07/15/17).


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