Lux Series Review(:

So since I talk about the Lux Series almost always, I thought I would review this magical series.

We’ll start with Obsidian. (Reliving the beautiful month I read this series in). I loved that this wasn’t about vampires or werewolves or whatever. IT was about ALIENS. Can I get a hell yeah? I read this series slow, not because I was bored but because I loved it so much. My boyfriend even noticed. He was like “you must really love this series because you’re taking your time.” And I was like:

So the story starts with Katy. I can relate to Katy so much because she loves to read….. uh YESSSS. She loves to blog, which I love to blog but I am not interesting enough.. so I just blog whenever I can. Anyways, then she meets HAWWWWWT Daemon Black. *let the choirs sing* and he is hot, hot, hot. I mean, hotter than… Four. Hotter than…. Edward, Jacob, whoeverrrr. Jennifer L. Armentrout did not let us down…. I mean he was so hot, I felt like this cat.
Katy was infuriating but I loved her. She reminded me of almost every character ever who just won’t make a good decision. If she had just let Daemon know things, some people wouldn’t have died. *No names…* The thing is she was like Bella. Always wanting to prove herself. I loved her though because to me she was headstrong and she knew what she wanted, most of the time. 
I loved that they were made of light. To me, that was so different. I am not sure about the rest of you but to me that has never been done before. When I think of Aliens, I think of green weirdos. Or how they make them super creepy in movies now. But nowwwwww. Aliens= hot, perfect.. everything things instead of this alien that’s dancing. 
Who else hated Blake? I mean…. I KNEW HE WAS BAD!! I felt awful when he died… It was like one minute he’s alive… next gone. It reminded me of Adam’s death and I wonder if that was intentional? An eye for an eye kind of thing! I hated him because uh.. he was a murderer, a liar and HE WASN’T DAEMON BLACK. Then he went and got Katy locked up…. idiot. 
Skip to Origin. WOOAH. I mean crazy stuff happened in this book. First off, there were like… crazy killer kids, origins there. I loved it! I mean Literally loved it. I went crazy for this stuff. They got married. Yesss, I loved it. The only thing I didn’t like, I am so sorry Jennifer, I wanted to stay in Katy’s mind the whole time. Forgive me, but it kind of made me… not think of Daemon as being mysterious anymore which was my favorite part. It also made me not appreciate Katy as much because her mind was so similar to Daemons in a way..  STILL top three favorite series ever.
So then I start Opposition. And Hell to the NO, Daemon and Katy are married and then Daemon is going off his rockers, he’s hating on Katy. IT WAS ALL A TRICK my friends, don’t fret. Katy was completely Badass to that idiot that kept flirting with Daemon, what was her stupid name?
Don’t even know… your stupid name. Opposition was my least favorite but that is truly okay because you cannot top the first three books. You just can’t. I don’t want to say it but I will. This series is my new obsession and I will probably read it every single year like I do with Harry Potter. I have some serious reading problems…
Anyways, I know I didn’t go in to much depth because I haven’t read it in a while, okay like I read it maybe a month ago, but I still can’t even begin to explain the beautifulness of the series as a whole. I will be reading every single book written by Jennifer L. Armentrout, no doubt in my mind. Even if it takes my whole life I will do it. I’ll end up like Tiffany from Silver Lining’s Playbook while trying to finish all her books because she writes faster than a mofo…
Wish me luck and sanity….
Love you all,

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