First Time Interview Blog Post

Dear Readers,
I have had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by a fellow author, February Grace. She is the author of many stand alone novels and is a talented blogger and interviewer. She interviewed me and I got the privilege to interview her in turn!

On June 3rd, my interview will be posted at February’s interview will be posted her on the exact same day here(: So stay tuned.

The interview is short, fun and sweet. Five questions were answered and it was a very fun experience for me. I love the fact that we are two authors just looking out for each other and supporting one another. That’s the best advice I can give so far, give your fellow authors a hand when you need to.

Stay tuned so you can meet the lovely February!

Happy Reading<3

Ps. This is how I looked when I was chosen to be interviewed…

Enjoy this Jennifer Lawrence Gif… you’re welcome.

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