Dream. Come. True.

Dear Readers,
I have the best news ever. So last month, Booktrope got in contact with me. They told me they wanted my new book, “The Prospect (The Antidote #2)” as well as “The Antidote (The Antidote #1).” AND I WAS LIKE OKAY.

So then(: I went through the motions. What could go wrong? What if I don’t deliver and let them down. Then I asked all my friends and family their opinions. Long story short, a month later, I am ready. I was added to Teamtrope yesterday and my first thought was “This will be easy!” Then I entered the site and… I was like,  WHAT. am. I. doing…
Then I calmed down, which is what I should have been doing already! I read all the documents (which they told me to read ASAP anyways..) and it all made sense. Thank the heavens. 
So now(: I am working on “The Antidote.” I got an editor today AS WELL AS a cover designer. I am beyond excited to have them both on my team. They both are amazing. I am so thrilled. I don’t know when “The Antidote” will be back on sale or how long it will take but I do know that I had to take a few chances in life if I want to be successful. When I say successful, I mean that I want to have more readers and people who believe in me. I also want readers who think my book is pretty awesome. I want to be influential and awesome like Jennifer L. Armentrout. SHE IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD. (If you haven’t please read the Lux series, you will not be disappointed.)
So here’s the thing, I just want to reach new readers and have a book series that people want to read to get away from everyday life. I love you all who read my blog and my books. Fingers crossed that everything works out. 
If not, you’ll catch me in the bookstores, mending myself with books. (I do that already.)
Oh hey, there’s me<3
Happy Reading!

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