Insurgent Movie Review (Spoiler Alert)

First of all, let me say that this movie was AMAZING. It exceeded all of my expectations. I will admit when I first saw the trailer I thought to myself, “Oh god. This can’t be good.” The first trailer was of a Sim and I was thinking that this wouldn’t bring in any viewers because they won’t understand. Then a little voice in the back of my head said, “These movies are to enhance the enjoyment of the readers.” So I got over myself and got super excited. Then the next trailers were beautifully done and I remembered how much I love the books. (Remind self to reread the Divergent Series.) There were great moments and then there were moments that a reader of the series cringed at.
1.The Sex Scene: HELLO??? WTF!!!! I am so angry that Tris and Four had sex. Okay, yes I was happy but then I was like WTFFFFFFFF this is a part of Tris’s development as a character. Tris literally hates herself right now and she has sex when she isn’t ready but because she feels she is going to die soon. HOW CLICHÉ. Stop the madness. WHY the hell did this happen. I was so angry even though I was a little happy about it. I don’t know how that could even happen but REALLY? Roth, how did you let this happen? I love you to death but this scene was meant for Allegiant and that’s where it should have stayed. Did I mention I love Four sooooo much… jesus Christ and Theo James makes it ten times better.. Let the Gods sing as we admire his beauty.. sigh.

2.The Box:I have to admit I loved the box. It was really amazing to see all these things combined from the box. Way to go Veronica Roth. Loved it.  I LOVED WHEN TRIS FOUGHT HERSELF. “I WILL.” OH MY GOOOODDD.

3. Peter saves Tris and for no good reason?: I love when Peter saves Tris in the book. I am amazed and so glad he does it. But in the movie, Tris gets saved only to want to go right back to where she was? I get it’s a movie. A book can elaborate more but I wish Peter’s save was a little more worthwhile. Let me take that back, Peter goes through a loooot of trouble to help them and I was so glad he did because the video was then released. You go Peter(:

4. Caleb: I don’t remember him being remorseful in the book but maybe it’s been such a long time that I forgot! I wanted to hate Caleb because I literally loathe him in the book but somehow I found myself not hating him and I DON’T WANT THAT. I WANT TO HATE HIM STILL. 
5.Tris’s Hair: I hated this scene in the book because when people cut their hair, I somehow get super salty( did I just say salty?) In the movie, I loved the scene. It shows Tris hates herself. She hates who she is and wants her appearance to be different. I love the haircut because to me, it kind of shows that she wants an escape on the outside, but the battle inside is still strong, which results to her anger. (Can I say again, the sex scene was soooo out of character for me!! If you hate yourself so much, how can you jump into something like that when your fear was intimacy like… three weeks ago!?!?!)

6. Tris’s Anger: I was so happy to see that Tris’s anger was true to her character in the book. I loved the foreshadowing that Caleb is against his sister when he refused to help her when a factionless was about to kill her. She wasn’t calm and again it shows that she is way different than before. (did anyone else jump when Four screamed at his mother? So embarrassing) 

 7.Uriah: I have a serious question for all of you. Did he get shot in the head and die? Or was he okay?! I am so so confused. I love Uriah and I want him to be alive. My family says he is alive but didn’t Eric shoot him in the head??? HELP. If not, it’s another excuse to go see it again 😉 There’s the silver lining. 

All and all, this was an amazing movie. I can’t wait for Allegiant. I wish the sex scene would be where it belongs but I am willing to forgive because this book series is absolutely astounding. The movie has Theo and Miles. They have a wonderful leading lady and I am so pleased with these films. Keep em coming(:
Happy Reading<3
Taylor Hondos

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