The Three Day Challenge Ends

The Three Day Challenge is over but it isn’t for me. I haven’t felt this excited about writing for a while. There has been a certain toll over me and I think I figured out what it was. I wasn’t happy anymore. I want to be happy and I realized that writing is the key to my happiness. I have changed my major back to English with a minor in Communications and I haven’t been this happy in a year. I was recently a Elementary Education major and I somehow couldn’t find my place, my voice. I have finally realized it was in front of me all along. I want to thank Christian for inspiring me to keep trying. It means the world to me. I am going to post something at the very least, once a week. Here is some of Christian’s three day challenge photos! Enjoy(: “theblindwonder” is his tumblr! Give him a follow(:







AND my personal favorite, not a part of our challenge:

I hope you find someone who inspires you and encourages you to challenge yourself as well(:

Happy Day<3

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