I Get Amazed

I Get Amazed
By: Taylor Hondos

I get amazed.
I get amazed to see the girl walk by with her head hung low.
She wore dark blue,
And walked with a staggering glum.
I tried to understand what made her so sad,
But blew it off to get to class.
I get amazed.
I get amazed to see my father driving the speed limit.
To see him in control of something.
He never had a lock on emotions or love.
But he always drove the speed limit and never had a care.
I get amazed.
I get amazed to see how little we care for people in pain.
We are so uninterested in everyday feats,
That we never stop to look at why someone is upset.
We never stop to see why a person is the way that they are.
I get amazed.
I get amazed to see someone love a fragile thing.
Something worthless, 
And yet, he sees something with color and spirit.
He sees worthwhile,
In a worried girl. 
I get amazed.
I get amazed to see the girls walk with confidence I never had.
Their happiness flowing from eat to ear
I get amazed to see how deceitful their happiness is.
How little they feel inside, 
Just to get through the day.
I get amazed
I get amazed to see that life is hard.
When told so young, you’d come out with barely any scars.
We come out with many battles,
We go out of this world, with so many lessons.
I get amazed.
I get amazed to see what matters most in life,
Is the journey and not the moments that bring you to a point.
We’re told that where we get is more important, 
Than how we live our lives.
Life is hard, yet life is good.
Such a complicated way to live.
Live life the way you want and,
If you look around hard enough, you might see the things,
That amaze even you.

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