Stress Under Control

Dear Friends,
“The whole ‘what do I do with my life’ question implies that adulthood is this monolithic creature – like, you acquire your job and your spouse, and then you just ride it out until time’s winged chariot shows up. I thought this when I was younger too, and it’s not our fault, because how does every single happily-ever-after movie end?”
—  John Green
This is the single most important quotation of my life. Ever, why?
I have spent a long time, searching for happiness. I still didn’t find it and I didn’t know why until I read this quote. For two years now, I have been looking for a job career, and a point in my life. I didn’t realize that your destination isn’t the most important thing… the things in between are what are important. Those things in between are called life. Those things in between are what define you. Not your job, not your GPA, not your education, not your school… but what you do with what you’re given. As in my poem, Nothing Really Matters When You’re Dead, nothing does… 
Here is what I have learned through my three day challenge: I learned who I am in a short amount of time from harnessing the pain I feel. 

1.We have to harness our hurt, because hurt is not for us to handle right now. We can handle that when we’re dead. 

2. Being sad is useless.. You’re wasting your time. 

3. Still feel sad? Go do something you love. For me, it is writing about my pain. Read a good book… etc.

4. Do not waste time in a major you hate. Hell, if you hate school, find something you love more than school. Go do something. Do your craft. 

5. Do not sit around. Make the most of each day.

6. Don’t speed on the highway. Do not rush. Listen to some music. It is the most relaxing drive when you drive the speed limit.

7. Feeling mad, grumpy, irritated? Turn it around yourself. Do not count on fate or another person to turn it around. Make your own way. 

8. Be happy. You’re wasting your time on this earth being angry… sad… tired.

9. Peace is within yourself. Find it. Embrace it.

10. Love yourself and if you can’t.. that is okay. But remember, you’re stuck with yourself. Make the most of who you are. Do not change yourself. 

11. Do not worry yourself with others. The truth is, they’ll see you happy and try every single way they can to ruin it. They don’t have to know you, they just hate seeing someone happy. Do not let it bother you…. Do not let it ruin your day. 

12. Be yourself. Someone will hate it. Someone will love it. Who cares? If you love it, that is all that matters.

13. Don’t think about your destination so much. You’re rushing your life away, as I was just last week.. Don’t think of the day you’ll get married. The job you’re gonna have in two years. The life you want….. live the life YOU HAVE right now. Live it. And live the shit out of it. 

14. “Don’t just do the right thing to be pleasing, baby,” as the lovely Spice Girls put it. Do things for yourself. Don’t hurt people in the process of course, but in the end, this is your life. You have exactly one shot to make it count, make it right and make it worthwhile.

15. Last one, promise. Try and wake up each morning with the attitude that you have to take one step at a time. One breath, one heart beat. Be happy with who you are. Look in the mirror (not too long) and think of only today. Not the future, not the past, but that day. Live that day only. Your time will come. That job will come, that husband will come. You have to take it one day at a time. It makes life happier. It makes things less stressful…
Take it from me… the world’s most stressed out girl…. not woman….(my mother has the most stressed out woman award) and relax…. breath. Take a breath and relax……

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