Top Five Favorite Male Book Characters

Hey Friends,
I am finally writing this blog post! There are so many character that I love but I narrowed it down (:
1. Charlie from “The Perks of Being a Wallpaper”- This is my favorite book and the person that I am completely tied to is Charlie. He is amazing and he is weak and vulnerable and that is what makes him so relatable. We are all vulnerable in some way and he grows. He is the truest character of all time. We love you Charlie. There has never been a book that has affected me so much<3
2. Dimitri- “Vampire Academy”- Let’s face the fact that Dimitri is kick ass. Rose and Dimitri are awesome and I think their love story is the best love story in a paranormal dimension. I am a huge fan of Vampire Academy and I don’t like Lissa. I am a huge Dimitri and Rose fan(: Dimitri is weird in the last few books but I love Dimitri circa before he was turned!
3. Augustus Waters- “The Fault in Our Stars”- The most passionate, awesome boy in a book ever. He is extraordinary and he doesn’t want to be forgotten, and he isn’t. I hate when he died but I love Hazel Grace and Gus beyond words. I love his letter in the end and I read it to myself a lot when I am sad. John Green is the best writer of all time. Can I hear a hell yeah?
4. Jared- “The Host”- The Host is so great and Jared is my favorite, even when he hits Wanda. His anger is what makes him so sexy. I was always rooting for Wanda and Jared and then I realized how wrong that would be. Thank god Meyer added Ian. Still, Jared was my favorite part of this book and I always wanted to read about him(:
5. Peeta- “The Hunger Games”- Peeta is weak but Peeta is so damn cute. He loves Katniss more than anything. I am a better Katniss and Peeta fan in the movie and that never happens. Katniss and Peeta’s love is so much stronger in the movie. I wish Suzanne Collins had added more love between them and make it cuter!! But Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson bring it to life (: Absolutely love the Baker boy.
Bonus Character:
6. Patrick- “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”- Patrick or “Nothing” is amazing. He is so strong, so beautiful and dynamic. I love how true he is to himself, how defenseless he becomes and vulnerable. Patrick is amazing and like Charlie, he is trying to figure out what the hell to do, which I continue to struggle with everyday as well. I love real characters.
 So, Next week I am deciding between talking about my top five books or least favorite books. We will see (: Don’t forget to tell me a favorite character you have, Boy or Girl (:
Happy Reading,

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