Top Five Favorite Female Book Characters (:

Hey friends,
What are your favorite book characters and why? I thought it would be fun to tell you mine! I am going to do girl characters today and then my top five boy characters later(: Then I want to discuss favorite book couples! I just want to have fun with my blog for a while! Next week I want to talk about my favorite book series or novels as well. I want to redesign my blog and approach some serious topics and then some fun topics. I have been writing just to write and they’re pretty random at times! SO here goes(:

1. Wanda( From “The Host”)- Now, I loved Melanie but I loved Wanda. She was sent here on earth to do a peaceful job and ends up realizing that humans are not so bad. She meets an amazing guy who loves her even as her true self and he thinks she is beautiful either way. Wanda is so loving and awesome. I strive to be like her in that I want to always be peaceful and understanding as she is. Wanda loved Jared because of Melanie’s feelings but she finally let her own will and desire pull through to love Ian. She was a fighter in the end emotionally. Melanie was the physical fighter. I think Wanda deserved to live and I was so happy she got to be in someone else’s body in the end. It makes me realize that home can be found in the most unlikely places.

2. Laurel (From “Love Letters to the Dead”)- Although Laurel is upset and depressed, Laurel is awesome. She finally finds her own escape to life and she found her own way of coming out of her shell through her sister. She was inspiring because she can believe in herself. Laurel overcomes so much in this book and I struggle sometimes with how I feel, but her voice was beautiful and she became a woman in this book. She shows that she is growing and even after the book, she had growing to do and she knew that. She finally came to terms with the way life was and knew she couldn’t fight it anymore. She took her struggles and made them work for her. She became a better person and was a completely different person on the last page than she was on the first page.

3. Rose Hathaway- Okay, yes she is super freaking badass and sometimes cheesy. I LOVE HER though. She is strong and she rationalizes things out like I do except Dimitri of course. Rose is my hero and I can never not laugh while reading the Vampire Academy series. Although VA movie was a flop, to me it really wasn’t. Zoey Deutch played Rose phenomenally. She was just how I imagined Rose while reading it. Rose is willing to keep her word and kill Dimitri. Although she lets him fool him, she is guided by love and I would like to live that way. Rose and Lissa want to be together forever as friends, but Rose loves Dimitri too. It was an uphill battle the entire series and yes, sometimes I was pretty upset with Rose for her choices, but I never stopped rooting for my girl!

4. Hermione Granger- Hello… Harry Potter is the best!!! Hermione is the number one heroine ever. She is smart, cunning and sweet. She is the best companion ever to Ron and Harry. She is someone they can always count on and she is so cool. She always does the right thing until she realizes that doing the right thing doesn’t always bring you what you need. Sometimes you have to break the rules to be a part of the bigger game we call life. Hermione doesn’t fool around when it comes to being a good friend. She finally gets a big love with Ron but never loses sight of the task at hand.

5. Hazel Grace- I love Hazel and how strong she continues to be the entire time. She isn’t brave until Gus. Gus lets her grow and you as the reader get to see what it is like to have love make you stronger and beautiful. Falling in love is so sacred and to fall in love sick, is brave and maybe even selfish. They both knew they would be sick, but still were strong enough to love each other. Hazel Grace is a beautiful narrator and a funny one. I love her and because I have a strong love for John Green, I loved the way Hazel Grace was a kick ass person.

Okay Readers,
There is my spill on my favorite female characters! Hopefully I didn’t ramble too much. Tell me your favorite Female book character! Don’t feel sad boys, I am bringing them up soon(: I will bring love to both genders!

Others I didn’t include were Alaska from “Looking for Alaska,” Sam from “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower,”Tris Prior, Katniss from “The Hunger Games,” Bella Swan, Ginny Weasley and many more. Every time I read a new character, I really want to relate to them and these were the top five for me!

See you soon(:

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