The Maze Runner Series Review

Dear Friends,
I have recently read and finished “The Maze Runner” series 1-3. I have a few comments to make. I am lost in the end. What was it all worth? The first book of the series was awesome. I loved it and couldn’t wait to get my hands on “The Scorch Trials.” When I did get my hands on it, I wanted to put it down a lot.. It took me a while to get through it but I still had hope for the third book, “The Death Cure.” The title is deceiving, things don’t seem to get better. There really isn’t a cure and I am lost as to why… the best character is killed. Yes, there is death and in my opinion, unnecessary death. I love the first book but why did it end like this?!

“The Scorch Trails” confused me because I don’t get the point of these many trails and tests. What did they do? Why was Teresa supposed to kill Thomas if the scientists believe him to be the most important thing. Then they want his brain in “The Death Cure.” It makes no sense. Was Thomas selfish for not giving his life to finding a cure? Or were these people just CRAZY? “The Maze Runner” was so original in the beginning. Throwing some boys in a maze for the human race was awesome! Sometimes I wished it would have ended there because this was just so cool. I had such high hopes and standards for the next two. That is why I was so sad when I read them.

I am going to read more James Dashner because he has so many twists so I can’t wait to try more books. All in all I really recommend you reading “The Maze Runner” series because it is different and maybe you can understand things I couldn’t! James Dashner is awesome and there is a lot of surprises you never expected.

On a random note, Teresa is my favorite character and nothing is ever for certain why she behaves the way she does. And Brenda? I hate her! Why does she get the guy?! I loved the series but things were so unnecessary in the end of the book. I can’t wait to read more from James Dashner but I was beyond disappointed in the end. With that being said, I hope the movies can feel in some gaps.

Speaking of movies for GREAT series. Vampire Academy, in my opinion, deserves a second chance and a second movie. The series only gets better! We, as fans, deserve to see more!

If not, then I will just continue to picture the series in my head forever <3

Happy Reading,
Taylor Hondos

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