Number One Question About “The Antidote”

Hey Readers,
I have been asked the same question when it comes to “The Antidote.” That question would be, “Who is bad?” So many people are confused when it comes to this and I continue to tell them to wait for it. There are more books to come(:

Here is a little tip if you were wondering and biting your nails to know. There are many suspects, but you have to interpret the answer in the way you want to. There is two parts to the story, one by Jared and one by Lena. You have been inside both of their heads and you know who they are for the most part. Why would I let you inside Lena’s head instead of Holland and why Jared instead of Gabe?

Or(: Was that my plan to confuse you???

Lena is assumed bad but that is because someone framed her. Jared is the person speaking in this moment when Lena is claimed bad, so he is eliminated immediately. Each character gives the reader a clue. You just have to find them.

Just some thoughts(:

Happy Reading!’

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