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Currently reading Victoria Aveyard’s Glass Sword (Red Queen #2)glass


























So you all know how much I love to read.. It is practically all I do ever. People don’t understand that I just…



i like














I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway, so I read Red Queen and I have mixed feelings on it. I have a review coming soon for both books!!!


Sometime I am reading this books and I am not that impressed…
















Why? It’s not very original.. However the writing is great. Nothing really surprised me AT ALL. I knew the entire story of Red Queen in three chapters.
















I was like Really? So my question now is how can this book be such a great seller and it is the story of “The Selection,” “Divergent” and a few other Bestsellers, in one?! No originality at all but as I have said in other posts, there isn’t anything wrong with that. This book caught me in a bad place. I am really tired of knowing the plot twists before they freaking happen. This isn’t Victoria Aveyard’s fault. It is really not. She is a beautiful writer. I mean terrific. I can only dream of writing like she does.


My problem is… I want her to write an amazing new original book with her beautiful sense of writing. She can give us that. I pray to the Writing Gods that she is going to give me a super original amazeball story with Glass Sword.



We shall see…



















Happy Reading <3


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