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I am going to review the Scream Queens Season Finale (equipped with all gifs from Scream Queens)

I am sure some of you have watched and fallen in love with “Scream Queens.” I was a huge fan of this show. I was that girl hanging on every word, laughing at every joke and being so excited for my Tuesday viewing party with my good friend, Alec.


Well, the season came to a close and I have a few things to say about it.



This was my reactions the entire show.












*Edge of seat as Pete tells Grace he’s a freaking killer?*

  1. What the hell? DID not see that coming.  Pete!? He was with Grace the whole time?
  2. Oh okay.. he only killed what three people?!
  3. He did this for Grace? No f***ing way.
  4. It’s a SISTER..
  5. It’s gotta be Chanel #5.
  6. Or #3
  7. Not Chanel #1 though
  8. Okay. Red Devil just killed him…
  9. Okay.. who did Pete just say?
  10. Grace can fight. Why haven’t you been fighting the entire time then?!
  11. Okay. Commercial….
  12. How did Grace even get out of that situation alive?



These were just some thoughts at the opening scenes. But guys. The Red Devil reveal was insane. It wasn’t what I suspected at all. I will admit, I tried to say everyone was the red devil. I firmly believed it was Hester for a long time but then she was thrown off the trail. For the last five episodes, I believed it was Grace because she was getting so weird.


My predictions/suspects were:

  1. Grace
  2. Pete
  3. Chanel #5
  4. Chanel #3
  5. Chad


But all those were DEAD wrong… I mean… I was Denise wrong…













I was so pleased to know I was completely off trail. It was a wonderful surprise. I was even more surprised to know that Dean Munch knew all along who the real killer was… because she knew the babies faces!


Here is what I thought of the reveal.

  1. No. it is not Hester.
  2. She’s too weird. She’s not smart.
  3. She’s been stabbed in the eye with a shoe.
  4. #5 is acting weird.
  5. #5 is the red devil?!

*The action unfolds of her being raised in the Asylum*

  1. Oh wow, this is a false persona?!
  2. Hester is smart as shit?!
  3. Did she fake love Chad?
  4. How did she do all this though…
  5. How did no one find those x rays in the drawer?
  6. She’s so smart. She’s framing them all.
  7. #5’s parents hate her.















  1. Ryan Murphey choose her.. cause Glee.
  2. So it really is Hester.. and she’s a genuis…

Overall, I thought the reveal was AWESOME. I NNNEEEDD to rewatch the whole series.


So the series as a whole was amazing to me at least. The humor was so great. A lot of people didn’t understand the humor. It was all for fun guys… I mean no.. This show isn’t meant to be serious. All the girls were flawless. My top five characters were:

  1. Chanel #1.
  2. Chanel #3
  3. Grace
  4. Denise
  5. Chad


They were all HILARIOUS. And Denise and Chad were together. WHATT!?

I thought that was a joke. Chad was a complete idiot.. All the time… I mean…


My favorite scene is when they dress all in white…to Backstreet Boys… with bats…

He’s so clever..





I was rolling when The Chanel’s had a verdict of “Not Guilty” and then called the Jury “Hippos” and got sent to the Asylum…. where they were happier than ever.


Now.. the only question is IS THERE A SEASON TWO?


The red devil stood above her in the final scene. Was it a dream? Is there a new Red Devil or was it still Hester?



Questions.. that NEED Answers… People.


Well, I’m off<3






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