Writing the second book after “The Antidote”

Yes, “The Antidote” will have a sequel. It is so hard to start writing the next part of your book. I feel completely different while writing this second book because every book has a new feel. You have to get in that state of mind and begin answering questions. My favorite thing about “The Antidote” is how mysterious it is. I left people hanging and hopefully that leads them to want to read more. It makes you want to have answers. Now that I am giving the answers, I am afraid I might give them away too soon.

Next challenge is I don’t know if I should write Part one and Part Two again or if I should continue to write back and forth between Lena and Jared. I don’t want to bore people because Lena is so confused.

Finally, I want to make a third book to this series and I am unsure if I should. Again, I don’t want to bore people! I want to make sure I get the story done effectively and not leave anyone hanging. Next, I don’t want to drag on something that should be over already if I wrote a third one. So we will see how this one goes!!!<3

Anyways, I have so many book ideas and this is just the beginning. I love writing and reading and I can say I have finally found something that makes me completely happy and at ease.

Happy Reading<3
Taylor Hondos

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