The Antidote is an Ebook today!

Hey readers(:
“The Antidote” is ready for Kindle and Nook. This is the most exciting day and I can’t wait to get this rolling. I love the feedback I have received and no I have not received a lot of feedback. I am extremely happy to say that I am feeling confident at the moment. I know there will be negative judgements concerning my book and I think I am prepared. “There’s rain before the rainbows” and I hope there is more positives than negatives. I am truly blessed to have my family, aka my biggest support system. I love the feeling of being an author. A new one at that. I want to go far and make many books. I hope to make many people happy with my book.

Much love for my readers. Talk to me anytime you would like. Even to say hello!!

Happy Reading<3
Taylor Hondos

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