You start with something pure, something exciting. Then, come the mistakes, the compromises. We create our own demons.

Have you ever felt really sad? Or just unsure of the decision you’re making? It is so hard to think of what you’re doing as wrong or not right for you but if you’re doing what you love then what is the wrong in that decision?
I have not felt like I have made good decisions for a long time. I get irrational. I get angry way too fast. I feel myself giving up easily. I feel myself putting up walls so no one gets close to me. It’s hard to keep friends and hard to fit in. It’s not easy to go to social events but when I sit up at night and write a book, I feel at home. I feel like I belong when I am writing. When I feel unsure, I make up a story. I feel alone but then I write about characters that I get really attached to.
Sorry for the sad post, but I want to encourage everyone to take a chance. Go for your dreams. Don’t play it safe anymore. Safe is bullshit. Life is about making mistakes, making our own demons as Robert Downey Jr. put it. Don’t fit in, don’t play by the rules. Read all day long, if that’s your fancy. Try out for a movie. Fail and fail again. Write and write again. Speak your mind and don’t be afraid of what someone thinks of you because one day they won’t matter like they did today. When your life flashes before you, do you want to see regrets or that you took chances on your dreams?

Always Remember to be who you are. No matter what it makes you look like.


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