Things I have come to learn

I haven’t lived very long but my birthday is coming up and I just wanted to remind myself what I have learned throughout the years. These are in no particularly order 🙂

Lesson Number:

 One- Men can’t read your mind therefore, say it.
Two- Women expect men to magically read their mind and if they don’t then it’s bad news or not meant to be. 
Three- everything is meant to be in one way or the other because they all lead you to the path you need to be one. 
Four- Give trust and not make them earn it. They can’t handle the pressure. 
Five- Do not, I repeat, do not take your anger out on anyone you feel is worth caring about. Cherish the moments together and laugh instead of argue. 
Six- Don’t push people away when they want to be there for you. It is so hard to obey this lesson but it is so better to have people near you when you feel alone. 
Seven- Don’t build up walls that are impossible to tear down and don’t continue to build those walls when they’ve already been destroyed. 
Eight- Be kind to everyone you met. You never know what they’re going through. They could be the kindest person, hiding behind their smile. They could be the rudest person as well. 
Nine- Try and see light in everything you’re doing. If you wake up feeling negative, the entire day will follow in that negative feel. 
Ten- Don’t have unrealistic standards. I’ve found myself expecting someone to act like a boy from a book. It’s impossible and never going to happen. Love what you have because you never know when you could lose it. Love yourself, love your life, love everything about yourself because you could lose something about yourself as well. 
With love, 

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