My new anthology with my book company, Patchwork Press came out yesterday!!!!


Check it out on Amazon.


I am super proud of it!! My short story is called “Until Tomorrow.”

































Here is the synopsis:

“Am I doing this right?”

Whether you’ve just started your first marketing job after college, are a mercenary trying to make it on your own for the first time in the 2300s, or are part of a magical study group where nothing ever goes according to plan, figuring out how to adult usually leads to a few adventures, and even more disasters.

Join the authors of Patchwork Press in eight genre-hopping stories all about figuring out adulting in a hodgepodge of worlds that can feel anything but easy to navigate.

Featuring stories by: Kellie Sheridan, E. Latimer, Katherine Bogle, Taylor Hondos, Eliza Boyd, Majanka Verstraete, Janna Jennings & Angela Shelly





Happy Reading<3


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