Sneak Peak of Corruption

THERE WAS NO one around for miles; a desolate place where there were no survivors. I landed with a thud, and looked around to see if anyone heard. I squinted my eyes trying to grasp an image in the dark. Finally as my eyes adjusted, I could see him. His eyes watched me from afar. I waited. When I saw he wasn’t moving an inch from his place, I sighed deeply. He is going to make me walk the whole way to him, I thought anxiously.

I trudged forward slowly, milking it. Each clunk underneath me felt like a hammer slamming down on my back. Ha, Going to make you wait for me. I walked slowly with a purpose. If he wanted me to walk this whole way, then he was going to wait up on me.

She was heavy in my arms. Dead weight. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly ajar. The rotting on her forehead was disgusting, and I wondered how Jared ever got so close to her. Her head slumped over to the side. I held her as best as I could until I reached him.







That’s all you get. WHAT IS HAPPENING? Who is talking? Who is “he”!? And when the hell was this?!

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