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The time has come for me to review Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

























Only proceed if you’re done with Harry Potter & the Cursed Child.






Here is my review of:





























First off. I was thrilled. Finally HP continues!


















As many of you know, HP is my favorite thing in the world. I am a proud Hufflepuff. I am a proud owner of a HP sweatshirt. It is my everything.


Speaking of Hufflepuff.. in an alternate universe… Cedric is a Death Eater… excuse my french.. NO fucking way.














Things that worked for me:

  1. Scorpius was like all HP fans.. I loved it. He was like a tour guide to Albus in Godric’s Hallow. HAHA!
  2. Ron and Hermione’s love. I was so happy to see them in love like that.
  3. Speaking of them. They were meant to be in every realm that Albus and Scorpio travelled to. When they died by the Dementors, I was almost in tears.
  4. DRACO! and the gang were friends at the end. AND he admitted he was jealous of their friendship while at Hogwarts.
  5. SNAPE! was back for an instant. It was the best. It was so sweet.
  6. Harry, Ron and Hermione are still best friends. Thank the Heavens.
  7. Albus was put into Slytherin. I didn’t expect this. At first I hated it but I loved his friendship to Scorpius.
  8. Harry watched his family being murdered. It was very sad… but it touched my heart all the same. I felt something again that wasn’t anger towards HP.
  9. Harry finally returned to himself at the end. Thank the high heavens.
  10. Ginny. She was a good mom and wife… just like I knew she would be. She was the only character that felt authentic to me.
  11. I liked visiting the past even though the time travel is always a bad idea! Loved hearing about the Triwizard Tournament again.
  12. Friendship= being the most important element.
  13. Albus and Scorpius’ friendship<3
  14. Hermione¬†being the Minister of Magic! I knew she would be something awesome.. but again.. It didn’t always feel like her.
  15. Hermione hiding the Time Traveling device in her books- felt like a Hermione move.
  16. Being able to read about HP and his friends for one last time.




Things that did not work for me:

  1. My dream dad… was not!? HP was an angry…. mean…. insensitive man. I was so upset. I wanted to cry at the thought that he said those things to his son.. even in anger. He wasn’t kind to Ginny sometimes… and I love Ginny. I wanted to cry truly!!!! I know Albus could be a snot… but really.
  2. Delphi… I was kind of sad to see a villain that I didn’t know. By the end of HP, I felt like I understood Voldemort. Delphi was just thrown in there… I didn’t like her.
  3. Speaking of Delphi. You mean to tell me Voldemort was capable of LOVE making? He is incapable of all love. He doesn’t have desire for anything but POWER! okay. no. I Do NOT buy that he had a child. Even though it is written right on the pages.
  4. I love there was more HP… but I want to point out… the last line of HP- All was well. WHY COULDN’T IT STAY WELL? HIS SCAR WAS SUPPOSED TO NEVER BOTHER HIM AGAIN. I want to go back to that time.
  5. Excuse my french again. WHERE THE FUCK WAS HAGRID?! He could have helped Albus out.
  6. None of my characters felt like they were themselves. I wanted it to feel like an authentic HP story.
  7. Cedric… I already told you how I felt already. And time travel… it wasn’t right! TT is bad news… Hermione told us long ago.
  8. Harry was mean to Dumbledore. That part pissed me OFF!he
  9. I bet the play is flawless. The book had a few flaws that you can hide on stage.. won’t go into that.
  10. Harry battled Voldemort alone and won… why couldn’t he defeat Delphi alone… (I did like that he said he couldn’t defeat her without his friends at the same time though because it emphasizes friendship).
  11. Neville was mentioned only….. Luna wasn’t mentioned…… I don’t understand…… Ron’s family wasn’t mentioned much either….
  12. I wish we had a book instead of a play that JK Rowling actually wrote for us to read.
  13. Ron’s jokes- Ron is great… he is brave, funny and just Ron like… in this, he had horrible jokes that made me roll my eyes. HE DIDN’T FEEL LIKE RON WEASLEY AT ALL. WEASLEY IS OUR KING..
  14. Trolly witch- cheesy.


















I still gave the book 5 stars on Goodreads because I could not physically bare seeing anything less than 5 stars for HP!













The decision is yours to read or not to read. I am happy to be a Harry Potter fan. I still can’t decide if when I read HP again if I will want to include this and act as if it is the 8th book…. or just forget it happened.



It’s not a terrible read. I promise. It is fun and enjoyable but it won’t feel like the characters you KNOW and love.



Happy Reading<3


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