The Hunger Games Coming to an End:/


i need











Let me go gif CRAZY for my excitement.


I honestly do not think I will ever forget reading this book when I was younger. I remember recommending it to my sister and she said, “Sounds dumbbb.” I was so depressed for her. I started to say this over and over again. “May …..” you know the rest.

effie trinket










I really am sad to see this end. I am going to review the movie! I will be seeing it Friday… then Sunday.. Then another day I am sure.


Anyways. I saw this movie with my sister and boyfriend at the time. I convinced him to read the books, thank you very much <3 I can’t even comprehend that it’s over… I’m so upset..but I can’t wait to see this final movie. This is one of the best book to movie adaptions I have ever seen. I read somewhere that there could be a five movie installment.. I don’t know how… AND I don’t care… cause that is music to my ears.










Who else ships Movie Katniss and Peeta harder than Book Katniss and Peeta? If Katniss settles for Peeta in the movie like she does in the book, I WILL SCREAM AND BREAK THE MOVIE THEATER SCREEN..










Yes, just like that. They’ll escort me out..




But it’s okay… We always can buy the movies and relive them. Hell, I have relived it for years with the books. SILVER LINING.















Anyways. I love this series. Jennifer Lawarence can deliver the hell out of a freaking Katniss speech. Jesus. She gives the feels more than any actress ever. That’s why she is my all time favorite. She is the perfect Katniss. She fucking exceeds Book Katniss. That is how talented she is.













She is a BADASSSSSS!!! So I’m gonna be super annoying and post all the trailers and videos. Easy for you to find and see all in one place( Hell, it is for my own use as well).



Ps. Have any of you seen that bogus trailer for Allegiant? Did we read the same book… or NAH?

Here’s the bogus ass trailer…. I am so upset. Is Veronica mad…?


Now enjoy this beauty of a man… Or known to our movie as Mr. Finnickkkkkk…..

















And I am back to freaking sobbing…


not fair















Happy Reading. or Gif Viewing today!



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