That Night

Challenge Part Two:


That night


My heart once pounded in exhilaration

Now it pounds in dread.

The night that once meant everything,

Now only kills my head.


The time must come for me to choose

Which way I wish to go

And that is when the clock strikes twelve

My heart decides, I know.


The tears come down

They once were smiles

And happiness in abundance

I wish I had that back but now

I know it’s come and gone.


But now I grimace within the darkness

And hold my shoulders high.

The clock still strikes

My heart still beats.

That night won’t kill me now.


One Reply to “That Night”

  1. taylorhondos says:

    That Night Part Two:

    The night was hard,
    That night was long,
    But I’m alive again.
    Just knowing that I am whole once more,
    Here without you instead.

    The future I wanted,
    Is no longer you.
    And I find some peace in this.
    Just knowing that you will die inside,
    When you learn of this.

    Take a lesson from the dead,
    The dead I mean is us.
    There is no such thing as true love,
    When liars run amuck.


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