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Introducing my friend, Christian Carter-Ross, who is an inspiration to me every day with his work.






















It’s that time again! Three day challenge lives on. I am going to start the week off by giving you guys a little information about Christian. Last year we had this challenge and it went pretty well. Each year we plan to advance a little more. So here is my very talented friend, Christian Carter-Ross. He is an inspiration and I can’t wait for you to see just how amazing he is in his work.

Here is a preview of some of his work this year.girk









Tell us who you are in a few sentences?

I am Christian Carter-Ross, known to few as Trey (my middle name). In the future my hopes are that I’m known as Christian “The Photographer.” I am currently a senior at UNCG majoring in New Media & Design (fancy for art). My passions are photography, fitness, poetry (spoken word) and music. I’ve been shooting since high school but have only taken photography seriously for about three years.

How would you describe what you do?

Visual storytelling. A story that YOU make up but use my photos as inspiration.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?
I’m big on capturing moments as they happen so I guess I’m driving in the lane of “lifestyle photography.” If you’ve ever gone through any of my blogs you’ll find a lot of my photos are of specific moments. I might walk by someone and ask to take a picture of their shoes because I think they’re cool. I’m literally the person to walk by a pile of garbage and try to make a photo of it. Only photographers understand the urge ha!

What inspired you to begin photography? Did someone inspire you?

I remember as a child, taking a field trip to the zoo in Asheboro and buying this small little toy camera with pre-rolled images inside. The images were different wild animals, doing whatever they do in their habitats but it fascinated me. Little did I know, I’d come back around to photography in high school. Back then it was just something to do after school so I joined the Photography club. What made me get serious about it was the aesthetic behind a photo. How it told a visual story without text or how you could even make up your own scenario within the photo. The majority of the time, the photographer has complete control over what’s in the photo and what he or she wants to display to you. Sometimes it’s intentional the photographer didn’t directly tell you what to look and they want the viewer to make up their own story. To me that’s what makes photography…attractive. As I begin to meet people from the art community, they started influencing my style in photography so I guess you could say I was slightly inspired.

What sets you apart from other Photographers?

Other than the obvious watermark of my own photography small business, style. One of my favorite rising photographers said, “the best watermark you could have is style.” I want people to walk in a room with works from 100 different photographers and still be able to find my work without my name on it. That’s special to me. I’m learning, as I’m taking these art history courses, what famous photographers styles are like. I can now look at a photo and know “Dorothea Lange took that” just from simple elements of the photo.

Do you have a favorite Photographer?

I have many! It’s really hard to choose but if I had to I’d say Devin Allen. He’s recently gained fame from his documentary work during the Baltimore riots back in the spring. I follow him on social media and had the chance to chat with him here and there. He’s a very down to earth guy with incredible work. His most recognized piece actually made the cover of time magazine (below) and will surely go down in history. No no, literally—they’re already placing the photo in new history textbooks.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully I’ll be working for a major publication like The New York Times. That’s always been my goal but I’m willing to work for any major publication whether it’s a fashion magazine like Vogue or shooting for ESPN on the sideline at a Panthers game. I would even settle for just continuing to run my small business in photography, which has become successful in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia area over the last year might I add! I’m for whatever God has planned for me within photography.




Stay tuned this week. I will be posting Christian’s photos as well as my poems/stories. Stay inspired to do what you love. Find someone who will push you in life. Find a friend who wants to see you succeed. That is what I have and I am thankful every day for it.



Happy Reading<3



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