The Sweet Trilogy Review

Get yourselves ready. I AM IN LOVE with this series. I mean…. I thought nothing could ever come close to the Lux Series but these books straight up tie with it.

So let me give you a really run down version of the plot. No spoilers here.

Anna is a sweet girl. She feels an urge towards drugs and alcohol but doesn’t ever give into them. In comes BEAUTIFUL, SEX ON A STICK Kaidan Rowe. *SWOONS* Life changes forever. Anna finds out her father is the Duke of Substance Abuse. Anna has to start working. Only to fool Kaidan’s father, Duke of Lust. Okay. WILL not spoil at all because YOU HAVE TO READ THIS.



So here were my phases of reading this magical series.

I was depressed guys…. I mean… deep depression.














So then I start reading this book. I sit it down. I pick it up. Every morning I read it on the bus. It made me feel warm inside but I was so sad… I didn’t want to feel it. So I read it super slow. Then…. the road trip happens. Kaidan pushes her away…. and I said to myself… I relate to you. Let me keep reading….

Then…. I couldn’t stop… at all. After the Summit… I was like A MAD WOMAN!












My friends…. I was in love with this book. I mean….. Kaidan and Anna are perfect. They’re beautiful together. So in the Lux Series, Daemon and Katy get married. I cried. In the Sweet Trilogy when Anna and Kaidan get married…. I sobbed. I sobbed at the very end too. I can’t handle their love. Why is love not really like that? *sigh*


So Sweet Evil starts with Anna at a club watching a band play. She experiences a sense of lust for the first time ever. Kaidan approaches her and asks, “who is your angel?” First I was like…. DO WHA?! but it makes sense eventually(: Kaidan gets tangled up in Anna when she comes to visit him at his house where the Duke of Lust finds Anna there and all horrors of horrors… SHE’S a virgin.


She has to start working, he insists that Kaidan take her virginity. They embark on a road trip to find Anna’s father and when they do… he is a good guy. I was expecting him to be a total jerk-off but he’s so so loving and he continued to surprise me throughout the series.


Kai pushes Anna away… he has to work but he wants Anna. Anna has her first kiss. I squealed inside. He pushes her away and thennnnnn THE SUMMIT HAPPENS.


Anna screws up. Has to get up in front of everyone to prepare to die.. or be punished and KAIDAN STANDS UP. Ready to defend her. OH he does love her….!!!!!fail I felt like I was going to pass out!!!









Then.. Kaidan has to leave…


End Book one. Enter Book Two.


She has to pretend work and she is still our sweet Anna. She is sent on many trips searching for her alliances with ….. Kopono.


Now I like Kope… but my bae is KAIDAN. Long story short.. Kope kisses Anna.. wants Anna. Pissing me off….. but it was because Kaidan gave his blessing to Kope that he could have Anna. NOT COOL.


When Anna goes to California….we see that Kaidan loves Anna. So sweet….


A prophecy is spoken to Anna and…. OH MAN. Can’t say what it is…or you wouldn’t even read the book.


Skipping through the book because a lot happens and I can’t spoil too much. Someone dies and I wasn’t ready… nope…




Anna and Kai get married as I pointed out. So the Duke of Lust won’t suspect Anna of being the one the prophecy predicted.


Kaidan Rowe is hands down the sexiest character that I have ever read about…








There were many relationships in this book. A death I cried over. I was so happy the way it ended but I was extremely upset that it ended.


On a side note. I am happier than ever. I’m not afraid to say that this series brought me back to life. I was depressed and lost myself in these books and I am happy once more.


These books will suck you in. Give you all the feels (damn you) and you will be a huge fan of Wendy Higgins.


This will not disappoint you. You’ll be swooning over Kaidan Rowe.


Give it a shot and Happy Reading<3



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