Top Ten Book Boyfriends

I always love doing lists like this! I was inspired by Polandbananasbooks. If you haven’t ever seen the video check it out here:

You’re welcome. Become obsessed too 🙂

This is a list that is subject to change for the simple fact that authors never cease to amaze me with new characters. With that said, here is my top ten, as of today, boyfriends.

  1. Daniel Grigori: Oh my goodness. This boy was hot, the cold, then back to HOT. So I was completely fascinated by his love for Luce. He was willing to sacrifice a lot for her. I can honestly say I wasn’t a big fan of Luce at times, but Daniel brought out the best in her.


  1. Charlie: You know him… From Perks of Being a Wallflower. He is a totally awkward, awful boyfriend to Mary Elizabeth but that is so not the point. He is so adorable and kind. He is misunderstood and hello, he is a wallflower. I like to consider myself a wallflower and I see me and Charlie having a very wonderful relationship. Creepy… right?


  1. Aiden Ivashkov: Moving right along. Aiden… So I have just finished buying Bloodlines where Aiden shows how wonderful he is to Sydney. The truth is, I was in love long before Bloodlines. I thought Aiden was sweet in his own way. He helped Rose no matter what. He cared for Rose and still helped her even when he knew she was in love with Dimitri. To me, it seems that he wants to be in love and he just might find it with Sydney…. YESS.


  1. Peeta Mellark: There are arguments going around that claim Peeta is a pansy and a whinny butt but for me, he is just sweet. He loves Katniss and who the hell could love Katniss. Not the Jennifer Lawrence one because J completely flipped Katniss to be remotely likable. Katniss from the book is kind of dry and just incapable of feeling. Peeta brings out the BEST in Katniss. He loves her and he isn’t playing with her emotions. And for that, Peeta Mellark can be my boyfriend any day, my friends.
  1. 6. Jared (The Host): Okay… so he hit Melanie. I totally forgive him instantly though because she wasn’t her. She was a freakish alien who becomes one of the sweetest and loved character by me. Jared has stuck with me and I can’t help but think back to when I read “The Host.” He loved Melanie so much. The way to my heart is to read about a guy who will climb mountains to be with the one they love. I fell in love with Jared even if he kept trying to kill Wanda and… yeah… he’s forgiven.
  1. Four: Oh Four. You’re so dreamyyyy. So what if I think about Theo James slightly when I think of Four now…. Four was strong. He was brave. He was sexy. Oh god… did I just describe the perfect guy…? I loved Four. He did things to be in touch with Tris. He supported Tris. He pushed Tris. Sometimes he treated her like she was incapable of being hurt but that’s okay.


Anything you say darling.

  1. Jace Herondale: Jace was a completely screwed up guy but he wasn’t so bad to Clary. He pissed me off sometimes but bad boys… they finish first in the land of books. I loved Simon of course, but obviously Jace was going to win. I was shattered when I thought that Jace and Clary were related. I babbled all the way home that true love will out…. and that it had to be a mistake. So glad they were together…. I mean… Jlace… or is it Clace?


  1. Noah Shaw: This is a very new addition to my list and he hopped past many of my favorites. Noah Shaw is a bad boy. I would sell my first born for a boy like him. It wasn’t about the money at all. It wasn’t about anything he had to offer, it was the support he gave her. He was there for Mara on her crazy escapades. He went to the mental institution just to be there for her. He was there for her when she was batshit crazy. If that isn’t true love… what the hell is?


  1. Dimitri Belikov: When I could get over the fact that my brother’s name is Dimitri, I fell in love with him. So what if he’s older? So what if he turned Strigoi… So what if he delayed the relationship with Rose by like five books…. who’s counting? He was so so so so sweet. I mean the sweetest out of all my other boyfriends. He wanted Rose so badly, it hurt to read. He even wanted her as a monster. I thought that was sweet in a super twisted type of way….

Drumroll please:

Pause for how hawtttt my number one book boyfriend is:

golden girls


I guess you’re ready then???

  1. Daemon Black: wait no… hold on…. DAEMON BLACK. Don’t agree? Then you obviously haven’t read the AMAZING series: the Lux Series. Katy. Daemon. Freaking Aliens. Freaking AMAZING. First off. He isn’t your normal ass of a character turned sweetheart. No. He is Daemon through and through. Asshole til the end with a SOFT spot. AKA Katy. Mr. Black will remain in my heart forever. Please jump off the page and date me. I will be your “Kitten” too…..

Now that you know I am practically a nut case… GO READDDDD(:

Happy Reading<3


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