What Is It Worth At All

What Is Worth At All?
By: Taylor Hondos

No such thing as a perfect love,
No such thing at all. 
You go to bed with tears in your eyes,
And in the end, what was it all?
I walk alone,
And always will,
Because you’ve given up.
On the love we had,
You make me sad.
What is it worth at all?
I want to try,
What can I do?
I plead with you,
What is it worth at all?
I know what it is worth,
The love we have,
Is strong and always attentive.
But why can’t you see,
It is still me?
What is it worth at all?
The love will grow,
But you won’t show,
Just what I mean to you.
I am holding on as tight as I can,
But the goodbye is near, I know.
I want to know, 
Just what we have, 
How easy it is for you to go.
I know now what it is worth to me,
The lifetime of love and laugher.
The lifetime of hope and care.
The lifetime of devotion to you from me,

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