My book is ready for sell in Paperback!!

My book is available at! Here is the link! Read the free excerpt if you wish(:

Here is the synopsis<3

Life sucks, and then you rot. At least that is the case in the world today with the disease Dermadecatis going around. No one knows how it is contracted, but whenever you have it, you rot from the inside, out. Lena’s father, Dr. Alona, is a man with a dark secret, who discovered the “Black Sickness” and was searching for a cure, until he was mysteriously murdered. For months following his death, Lena lived isolated from the world, until she is forced into a night on the town where she hears the news of a cure.

Although her father was dead, someone else found a cure with the help of Dr. Alona’s previous findings on Dermadecatis. Although the cure seems to be helping those with the disease, there is a catch. Lena’s world turns upside down when she has to put her faith into a dangerous boy, Jared, who seems to know more than he lets on about the disease and it’s cure. Lena and Jared must travel to a safe house where she can be protected from those who want to kill her for what she seems to know from her father. THE ANTIDOTE is a story of love, betrayal and sacrifice, where Lena must decide if she is the true cure for the human race. THE ANTIDOTE captures the true meaning of discovering your purpose, while under the pressure to save others.

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