The Struggle of the Girl..

Who wants a book deal. Not to mention girls have too many struggles as it is. I have wrote two books and put all my eggs into this basket. I won’t say anything about it or the name of it but I’ve worked hard on this book. I think I finally am ready to have people read it. I am willing to put all the work in to marketing this book. I am going to sell it on the book and kindle!:) and Print on demand books. The day I self publish it, I will post it on here. Anyways I hope someone will pick it up and read it. 

I didn’t write for fame or whatever. I wrote because I love to read. It helps me escape the word( I think I said this before) and I want to give a story where readers can escape to and then say “Glad I don’t live with that.” 
Thanks to those who read my blog. I haven’t wrote a lot on here but thank
you to who has read this at all!:D I know it isn’t entertaining but it’s a way for me to write a little something. I might write a story for everyone and I’ll add on until it’s complete. Tell me what you think of this idea if you’re reading! Thanks everyone. 
Happy reading!

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