Book Review: Vampire Academy 1-5 SPOILERS

I finished Richelle Mead’s “Vampire Academy” two months ago and am on the final book as of April 13th. I couldn’t help but feel so irritated that Dimitri and Rose weren’t together until the third book and then he turns Strigoi. Not by choice, of course! And then Dimitri is top dog in the Strigoi community. It was such a weird direction but now that I look back, it was inevitable to continue the story. I couldn’t believe it but I really loved Dimitri so I even loved when he was evil. I am finishing Last Sacrifice and they still aren’t together. *Sigh*

I was completely happy that Lissa was with Christian, only for them to break up! Such a shock but it had to happen too. I was completely in shock to see that Jill was Lissa’s sister! I didn’t see it coming and that is why I love Richelle Mead. She kept me guessing for days of who could possibly be Lissa’s sister. I love the books but I am unsure if I will read “Bloodlines.” I am not a huge fan of Sydney so I am unsure where the direction will go but of course, I haven’t finished the whole series yet.

Mead kept me entertained but I hate that Adrian got hurt. He never should have been involved with Rose and Mead shouldn’t have done this to her readers! I will admit, I was hesitant to read this series because I was like No way, Twilight. But then I read it and I was pleasantly surprised. I love a good story. I wish there was a better way for Mead to demonstrate the difference between a Dhampir and Moroi but that’s too late now. The books are great but I wish the love story was super strong in Last Sacrifice. The love story between Dimitri and Rose fades way too much when Lissa turns Dimitri back into a Dhampir. He should have loved Rose again. Hello?! I am a sucker for the love stories.

I can’t remember the last book I read that gave you a full love story with action. I want that and I don’t know about you but I think someone needs to give love in an action story that actually is happy and lasts. My favorite part of books are the ones that keep love happy. When there is complications, I get frustrated and it makes me sad. Does anyone else agree?

What I love about books is that you can pick up any book and read it again and again. The story will live on forever so in my mind, Rose and Lissa are still living on while they wait for me to pick up the book again. That is how I feel about every book and I always go back to read it again.

Anyways, I am finishing the final book and I will add to this post.

Happy Reading!

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