Reaction to Allegiant/ SPOILERS

So, I have just finished Veronica Roth’s “Allegiant.” All I could think at first was, how could she do this to me as a reader? But really quickly, five minutes later, I felt complete respect for her. What kind of author can make me feel these emotions? A great one. Veronica Roth wrote all three of her books with such a beautiful language. She completely had me in her world and I can only hope that I will write this way. I remember the first day I read “Divergent.” It was recommended to me on my nook and I was waiting for my car’s oil to be changed. I got a sample of the book and fell in love. I finished my sample in about twenty minutes and immediately bought this book. I was hooked and it took me two days to read it. I started “Insurgent” days after and went over the limit for books a month that my dad set up for me. Veronica Roth was instantly the kind of author I strive to be one day. I completely respect the way she ended the book. I cannot believe that Tris died but I respect Veronica’s decision. I read her reason as to why Tris died on her blog and I completely understand. I wanted a happily ever after, but the truth of life isn’t a happily ever after anyways. Some authors lose that; they think that they should give the readers what they want, but Roth knows that readers should feel something raw. I was so connected to this book and the characters that I felt like I was Four. I want  them all happy and I want the best for the characters. It’s crazy that I can’t stop thinking about these characters. I completely forgot all my problems and put myself into their world. I am so happy with this series. I hope Veronica writes a new series because she is so talented. I can only hope to be like her. I truly think that she gave a story worth reading. I would recommend this book to anyone. She brings you into the story with the first words. I love the Divergent series and nobody can touch these books!

I know a lot of people are disappointed and I was for a little after the book, but just think about this. You learn that even after the darkest thing happens to you, you find the light. Four was slowly finding a light and learning to let people mend him. Veronica Roth sends a wonderful message. Her story will continue forever and I have decided to start the story over by reading it again. This is so different than any book ending I’ve ever read. She got readers talking and she got people’s emotions going. Veronica Roth completely blew me away and she is awesome forever. I have so much respect for her and I can’t wait to read what she has next.

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