I hate television..

Sometimes, I wonder why my family watches shows. I used to be such a fan of television, but now it is being taken over by bad story lines and one-liners. I really don’t get why they make vampires and “love” so serious. I mean, “The Vampire Diaries” has officially taken a turn for the worst. There are three doppelgängers of Elena now. Isn’t Nina Dobrev tired yet? Then there are so many bad TV shows being developed like “Ravenswood.” “Pretty Little Liars” was bad enough; no need to add a spin offs. I used to love the books of “Pretty Little Liars” but after a while it gets old when you’re in the third or whatever season and you finally see one person who is “A” while the other possible “A’s” still run amuck. Personally, I think that Aria is in on the “A” stuff. No, I don’t watch the show, but I’ve got an obsessed sister who does. Aria was around Ezra nonstop; surely she knew something was up. Even though I don’t watch the show, my head gets spinning when I hear people talk about it. Bad shows must do that to people.

My favorite Tv show, still to this day, is “Sex and the City.” I really have no clue why because Carrie is quite dumb when it comes to men. I would never take advice from her when it comes to men. I really love Carrie and I love all four of the girls, but Carrie is dumb sometimes. If she isn’t letting Alexander almost wreck her life, she is cheating on a good man like Aiden. Big is good in the end, but he was never good for her at the beginning. We all know this. I feel like they never should have made a second movie because I feel like it ruined the show. They could have let a girl dream that Big and Carrie lived happily ever after, along with her friends.

Next show that I will watch is “Girls” on HBO. I have complete respect for Lena Dunham. A lot of people don’t seem to respect her, but I do. She wrote her own show, but before that she wrote a movie called “Tiny Furniture.” I have not seen the movie, but she funded it herself and let her friends act in it such as, Jessa from “Girls.” I am completely inspired because if someone can make it on their own, even if it’s a small movie, I am amazed. I think Lena is awesome and her show is amazing too. I want to make my own way in the world too and show everyone what I am made of like she did.

Last show that I can watch is “American Horror Story.” I did not jump on the bandwagon with this show. My friend at the time loved it and told me I should watch it with her. So I did. It was love at first sight of Evan Peters. He was perfect and I fell in love with the story shortly after discovering my love for Evan. I was a huge fan of “The Murder House” series but found myself in complete confusion during “Asylum.” I told myself if this next season (season 3) was anything like “Asylum” that I would officially give up on TV, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself loving “Coven.”I always find myself completely involved now; covering my eyes when someone gets chopped in half, and laughing when Queenie talks of Madison. Not to mention,  it brought back all my favorite characters such as, Evan Peters, Taissa Farmiga, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson and the infamous Jessica Lange. Even though AHS has iffy moments with me, I love the cast and the twists with each story line.

Bottom line is that I just wish people would pick up a good book instead of watching TV, atrocious  TV shows for that matter. Books are so much better, it is like a week long episode. I love reading and that is why I really keep up with about two shows on TV right now. I can pick up a book over the remote any day. Sometimes I wish people valued books the way that I do. Books are better than friends sometimes. Books can make you feel happy and accomplished at times. What can a TV do for you?

The point is, why do we watch bad tv? Is it that we are brainwashed to enjoy this junk? Or are we really entertained by people having more messed up lives than our own?

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